Chair  :              Jos Bell

Vice Chair :      Dr Aysha Raza                        

Secretary         Caroline Walsh

Treasurer  :       Ivana Bartoletti

Lewisham equip Bevan






~ A fully democratic approach to decision


~ Respect for members’ interests and expertise

~ Transparency of process and interest

~ Promotion of equality and diversity

~ Respect for experiences, views and



We would invite London members to pay due regard to these guiding principles in their assessment of any proposed SHA papers, policies and protocols, and the means of their implementation.


Likewise in terms of the representation of the organisation, both within the internal workings of the Central Council, working groups etc, likewise in the external representation of the SHA in its role as Labour Party affiliate.  



Proposed and agreed     25.2.14.

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We seek to advocate for the wellbeing of society by means of supporting the survival of the NHS and exploring the best means to do that.  


We welcome the involvement of  anyone who holds the value of our NHS as being intrinsic to a healthy and productive society.


Please use the contact page if you would like to find out more about or contribute to our events or materials or enquire about membership.



Members of SHA London bring with us a wide ranging expertise in health related practice and strategy -  in clinical application, in policy making, in governance    and in management. The patient voice also plays a    vital role.